Thursday, April 19, 2012

Newest Symptoms

Those of us who suffer with Fibro know that sometimes symptoms disappear for a while and sometimes new symptoms appear. It usually leaves me with questions or doubt as to if the new symptoms are indeed Fibro or manifestation of a new illness. I guess I'm a bit paranoid at times that something else dreadful and chronic and incurable will develop. Anyway seems like over the course of this past "decade" with Fibro, new symptoms arrive each year or so. I've always had spells with some back pain and back spasms being the worst since my diagnosis, but a couple years ago I was blessed with the "lower" back pain so many of us over 40 may develop that is diagnosed as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. It gave me grief for several months then left I suppose to bother someone else. But it came back a couple of months ago. I began noticing that I couldn't pick my granddaughter straight up. Or bend over to pick something up and stand straight up without a slight catch in my back. Which progressed to nerve like pain when I would try to straighten back up, and finally it was like someone turned my bladder on when I completely straightened up! Yep, that's right, loss of bladder control. So Kirsty Alley's POISE pads have become my friend. It's hard enough to stand up from a seated position without grunting and groaning and it taking  ten minutes to finally straighten up and walk, but now coping with the nerve pain and the possibility that I will wet my pants as well, really leaves me scared to leave the house! It could very well be a pinched nerve and not related to the Fibro at all. I've tried to rest my back and take it easy. Seems sitting very long makes it worse, but I can't stand too long either. I finally broke down and called a couple of doctors offices today to see about getting in to a medical clinic or a chiropractor and the medical offices couldn't see me till end of May. I realize I'm new to the area and all but what do you do when a real emergency arrives? So I suppose I'll try the chiropractors office next.

Insomnia is another new symptom to me. I've always had some problem falling asleep and staying that way but not to this extreme. I've spent days and nights without hardly any and it was taking a toil. I guess I've become immune to most of the medications I had been taking. Flexeril and Ambien did nothing for me. Trazadone did nothing. I tried Tylenol PM, and then a supplement called Alteril seemed to help me more than anything. But it is not steady. I still battle falling asleep even though I'm sleepy. It is 1:20 a.m. now as I am updating the blog!

Loosing more hair than usual and more dry itchy skin than usual. Again these symptoms have been with me off and on but along with the above new symptoms these came and came back with a vengeance. My face is dry and itchy and flaking everywhere. It is more annoying than anything else. I suppose I would take this symptom over any other.

And last is the joint swelling in my wrist and more intense pain in my fingers. I've never had joint swelling but have developed a knot on the side of my wrist that is painful and my fingers ache constantly.

I guess the longer I have Fibro, the older I am getting too and the body begins to have aches and pains and changes. It doesn't really matter to me to have proof if it is Fibro or not. Just another day since the Fibromyalgia!

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