Friday, April 20, 2012

LAZY Weight Loss

I have dropped a whole size in clothing! Wonderful right? Cause I certainly haven't been exercising or counting calories. I'm calling the LAZY Weight Loss plan. I've been so tired and sick and tired and in pain that I'm finding it hard to move at all so I just sit here when hubby is gone to work. 

There is nobody here to fix food or bring me food, so I've been skipping or just grabbing a bite of something. Now I KNOW that isn't good for you and I certainly do not condone starving yourself or missing meals BUT I've been sooooo starving! Pathetic! I go on to bed and and hear my tummy just a grumbling and growling cause I'm soooo hungry! With hubby's schedule when he off, I will eat (cause he cooks) but I just can't stand up to cook so I just grab a snack. So I've dropped some weight and that's good. I could stand to loose a whole bunch more. Maybe there really are some blessings since Fibromyalgia!!

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