Monday, May 7, 2012

Good News Bad News

I am reading a book right now and one story in the book from another woman with Fibro was her sharing her story and how she was learning to live well.So after several doctor visits for a year or so she finally got the diagnosis of Fibro ( and we certainly know how that is a nightmare). But her doctor said " The good news is it's not terminal, you won't die from it but the bad news is you will feel like crap the rest of your life"!!!!! Isn't that the truth! So I thought of a few other funny or inspiring good and bad news to add to that.

1. Good news is Fibro won't kill you but the bad news is you will feel like crap the rest of your life.

Now let's reverse this so we are left with the "good" news part of this new life with Fibro.

1. Bad news is you have Fibro and you will feel like crap the rest of your life. Good news is that it's not terminal!

Doesn't that sound great!

2. Bad news is Fibro probably will take your ability to go out shopping away. Good news is you will save money!

Be positive now, because I know you were thinking of something negative to say about the medical expenses......stay positive!

3. Bad news is with Fibro I cannot go up steps or step up on a curb anymore without assistance. Good news is I have a reason to hold hands with hubby in public!

4. Bad news is Fibro can drives your "friends" away. Good news is you will learn who your true friends are.

5. Bad news is the Fibro gives you deep aching muscle pain. Good news is it can lead to a spouse massage or even a professional massage!

6. Bad news is Fibro won't allow you to participate in all those extra activities you never could say NO too. Good news is you have valid reason why you can't now!

7. Bad news is Fibro doesn't allow you to be near as active as you once were. Good news is you will have time now to "Be still and know God"!!!

8. Bad news is Fibro may end some of your current hobbies or interests. Good news is you will seek others that may actually be more thrilling!

9. Bad news is Fibro makes housework impossible! Good news is if you having loving spouse you won't ever have to worry with it anymore!

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  1. Karen, this was CLEVER :)
    so TRUE!
    How are U doing? I hope good!